Why Some Hindu Temple Priests are Greedy for Money

Hello Hindu Insiders today we are going to talk about a hindu issue that is Why Some Hindu Temple Priests are Greedy for Money its because of the Curse which is giving by Mata Sita.

Hindu devotees who have visited some of the most famous temples in India would possibly have had numerous experiences of grasping temple clergymen, or Pandas, traumatic extra money.

They're by no means satisfied with the everyday token quantity. a few monks are always on the appearance out to cheat innocent devotees. And fights between pandas over sharing money are very common. it's miles believed that the Pandas are grasping because of a curse of Mata Sita.

Why Some Hindu Temple Priests are Greedy for Money

Why Some Hindu Temple Priests are Greedy for Money

Anita Ratnam who needed to face such grasping clergymen writes about the curse within the New Indian specific while performing the once a year rituals for my dad and mom at Gaya, I heard this great story from the Ramayana.

"After Lord Ram, Mata Sita and Lakshman had left Ayodhya for the forests, they acquired information of King Dasaratha’s death. the 2 brothers at once went to the banks of the Phalguni River in Gaya and accomplished their prayers for the passing of the soul"

"In the meantime, King Dasaratha’s hungry spirit demanded food from Mata Sita. Reluctantly she rolled a few wet dust and fed her father -in-law due to the fact she became no longer allowed to provide rice until the prayers had been concluded"

"Lord Ram and Lakshman had closed their eyes in prayer but the Pandas, or priests, saw Mata Sita’s giving rice to King Dashrath"

"Finishing the pujas, Rama served rice for his father’s spirit simplest to discover that it did now not seem to take the supplying because it become happy with Mata Sita’s providing. Sita told Lord Ram of what she had done. Unconvinced, Lord Ram demanded a witness"

"Mata Sita asked the pandas to affirm her act of feeding. Unwilling to get worried in a home squabble the monks remained silent"

Enraged, Mata Sita uttered this curse. “for your betrayal you shall never be satisfied. but an awful lot you get, you may always need extra.”

It changed into an Akshaya tree that eventually bore witness for Mata Sita whilst the pandas morphed into the avatars of avarice.

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