LORD SHIVA - The Designer Of Humanity

Hello Hindu Insiders today we are going to talk about Lord shiva 5 gifts to humanity and how lord shiva design humanity.

The complete lifestyle & subculture of Sanatan Dharma is designed in a logical & clinical way. Sanatan Dharma has taught for self-recognition so one can be complete. but these kinds of expertise must have a supply & it can't be aside from the ideal Brahman or Sadashiva.

On one hand, at the same time as Shiva has been defined as Formless & the final truth, Shiva can also be perceived through his bodily shape called as Mahadeva-the dweller of Kailasa mountain.

This form itself is the representation of the closing truth. the only factor that makes Shiva precise is that Shiva as the first guru imparted all the shape of arts & expertise to humanity.

Lord Shiva 5 Gifts To Humanity 

LORD SHIVA - The Designer Of Humanity

1. Tantra

Shiva is the originator of tantra-shastras. Tantra is a grade by grade manner to ascend to the divinity. Tantra is a adventure from being person to being the whole lot.

Each tantra- Shastra is in shape of the communique between Shiva & Parvati. So Shiva is the primary being to offer this mystery knowledge to the arena. not handiest to the human however additionally to demigods & Siddhas.

2. Yoga

The traits of Shiva as Adiyogi is thought to every person.because the first yogi he imparted the information of yoga to the sector. From him, the Siddhas of Himalaya acquired yoga & evolved it as a remarkable science to perceive the completeness.

3. Dance

Shiva is Nataraja. The whole manner of introduction & Dissolution can be understood from the cosmic dance of Shiva. every postures & Mudra at some stage in the dance is a superb opportunity to expand an expertise toward creation.

4. Song

Shiva imparted the understanding of tune to Gandharvas(one kind of semi-divine being linked with music & arts). From Gandharvas, the people received this know-how. 

Many varieties of musical gadgets have been designed & the whole of Indian classical music is based on Ragas. each raga has a deep expertise of nature.

5. Warfare Ability

Shiva himself is a extremely good warrior as Tripurantaka. he's the proprietor of many war talents as well as many powerful guns. The Mahabharata is the evidence that Krishna sent Arjuna to Shiva to examine diverse struggle talent & Shiva gave Arjuna many guns.

6. Alchemy

One form of Shiva is the Rameswaram. The Mercury or Parada is considered very powerful & Parada Shiva Linga has extraordinary importance because via the grace of Shiva the Himalayan Siddhas obtained the know-how of the ancient science of alchemy.

this is most effective a glimpse of what Shiva has given to humanity. In fact, the understanding Shiva has bestowed upon humanity is limitless.

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