Jalandhar Antimatter Form of Shiva

Hello Hindu Insiders Today we are going to talk about some vedic science and going to discuss about is Jalandhar antimatter form of shiva ? 

Rely and antimatter are opposites. despite the fact that both are made of atoms, the subatomic debris that contain antimatter have the other electric fees as their subatomic opposite numbers in depend.


Who is Jalandhar Antimatter Form of Shiva ?

A regular atom has undoubtedly charged protons and negatively charged electrons in its nucleus. In comparison, an atom in antimatter has negatively charged antiprotons in location of protons, and definitely charged positrons (that are definitely simply anti-electrons) in vicinity of electrons.

Due to the fact matter and antimatter should reflect each other as opposites, the spectral strains of antimatter atoms need to reflect those of normal atoms precisely. The ALPHA collaboration at CERN has now changed the proton and electron of a hydrogen atom with an antiproton and positron, respectively, growing ant hydrogen.

Jalandhar Antimatter Form of Shiva

While a subatomic particle collides with its respective antiparticle to produce other particles, such as an electron colliding with a positron to supply two photons large quantity of energy is liberated. entire technique is called “Antimatter Anhilation” the whole electricity and momentum stays conserved within the procedure and allotted amongst a hard and fast of different particles inside the final kingdom.

Many scientists claimed that bigbang is the end result of antimatter anhilation which lead to liberation of good sized quantity of strength. complete system result in in addition advent of mater and antimatter in the universe wherein depend is barely greater than antimatter. existence of slightly greater count number compared to antimatter is answerable for the lifestyles of our lifestyles and complete multiverse.

As per ancient vedic texts, start of Jalandhar, the demon son of Shiva changed into equal because the procedure of advent of antimatter in modern physics. it's far stated honestly that after Lord Shiv have become angry with Indra and at the verge of attacking him along with his third eye then Sage Braspati got here among and asked Shiv to pardon Indra.

Hence, Shiv directed the strength of his eyes toward the sea. The very excessive strength beam of third eye collided with the nuclei of hydrogen atom of the water present in ocean main to advent of antimatter whose collective shape is not anything but Jalandhar.

This antimatter form contained the anti-protons precisely contrary to protons gift within the excessive beam of lord shiva’s 0.33 eye. hence Jalandhar is not anything but antimatter shape of shiv.

At CERN, protons with an strength of 26 GeV (about 30 times their mass at relaxation) collide with nuclei interior a metallic cylinder called a target. approximately 4 proton-antiproton pairs are produced in each million collisions.

The antiprotons are separated from different particles the usage of magnetic fields and are guided to the Antiproton Decelerator, where they are bogged down from 96% to ten% of the speed of light.

Jalandhar Antimatter Form of Shiva

Proper now we handiest have the generation to create 1 billionth a part of a gram in 365 days. It way that with modern-day era it's going to take 1 billion years to create 1 gram of antimtatter.

As according to historic vedic texts, struggle between shiva and Jalndhar is nothing among antimatter anhilation which cause so much amount of electricity which completely modified the construction of multiverse and parallel universes. 

Destrctuntion of universe by means of Lord Shiva is not anything however the technique of antimatter annihilation at huge scale as start of Jalandhar keep on repeating given that time is cyclic but lord shiv will remain identical.

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